Youth Agribusiness

Youth Agribusiness


Studies indicate that 80% of the current 2.3 million unemployed are young people aged between 15-34 years (World Bank ,2014). Unemployment coupled with constant climate change which leads to low food production has made life unbearable not only to young people but also to communities across the globe.

Developing countries and precisely Sub-Saharan Africa are grappling with impediments of poverty, hunger, gender inequality, unsustainable cities and communities, irresponsible consumption and production, climate action and life on land.

Kenya is not exceptional, according to Kenya Youth Agribusiness Strategy 2018-2022  report, youth unemployment is higher than the national unemployment rate. Youth unemployment is primarily a challenge of economic growth and job creation in Kenya. Kenyan economy is not creating sufficient jobs to cater for the increasing number of young labor market entrants.

Agriculture is a fundamental component in poverty reduction, raising income and food security for 80% of the world’s poor population, both in urban and rural settlements. Therefore, Agriculture remains the backbone of Kenya’s economy, directly contributing 30% of the annual Gross Domestic Product and another 27% indirect contribution (economic survey,  2019).

The resurgence of climate change coupled with unpredictable weather conditions has largely affected the agricultural sector, thus reduction in food production leading to low living standards and high death rates as a result of feminine and drought-hunger.

It is against this backdrop that Champions of Peace-Kenya is currently undertaking Youth Agribusiness programme so as to increase food security, generate income and create a platform of self reliance amongst the youths, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goal for vision 2030 which underscores the importance of agriculture and economics in realizing the varied goals: No poverty,  zero hunger, Gender equality,  Reduced inequalities, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production, climate action, Life on land and Partnership for the goal.

Youth Agribusiness programme is intended to help young people realize that through agriculture there are job opportunities hence reduce rural-urban migration. This is also to assist farmers have standardized pricing of the produce so as to realize good sales. Consequently,  the programme aim to enable consumers have easy access to farm produce where it’s convenient.

The youth agribusiness is ongoing in areas of Seme in Kisumu County and Rarieda in Siaya where there have been production of Tomatoes, Watermelons, French beans, Sukuma-wiki, and Pawpaw nursery.




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